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Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment
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Don’t let sleep deprivation drag your skin down; Murad’s Night Fix Enzyme Treatment fights signs of fatigue and dullness overnight when skin is most receptive to repair, so you wake up to a radiant complexion, even when your body’s begging you for another hour in bed. Supercharged with chronopeptides and tri-enzymes, the night-time moisturiser is aligned with the body’s circadian rhythm and supports natural regeneration for restored skin vibrancy. Suitable for all skin types, it plumps the skin with vital hydration to visibly minimise the appearance of fine lines, promoting the look of youthful, well-rested skin. Encapsulated aroma technology unleashes a calming fragrance of Cedarwood, Violet and Lemon to prepare the senses for a deep, restful slumber for refreshed, awakened and healthier-looking skin, come dawn. Suitable for all skin types. Free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates, gluten, alcohol, synthetic colourants, GMOs, triclosan and soy or soy derivatives.

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